Blog Kick Off

After being advised by a handful of people, many of them from different backgrounds and having nothing to do with each other, I have finally gotten things together and started a blog!

Here I aim to share my views of what I see in the world, advice according to the relationships I am going through (good or bad) and maybe a journal entry here and there (though I do have another website devoted for these more personal entries. On top of these, I will occasionally speak about what happened in one of my classes, life changing events (as they occur), something I read that made an impact, book reviews, and maybe every other blue moon, I’ll get a little poetical.

In another section of this site, I will share some of my best work in hopes to give you a taste of what I can do. Though Jacob and I are still learning the ropes, we are working as quickly as possible to bulk up the site so as to give you readers something more than a few pretty colors and handfuls of choice introductory words.

And lastly, another section will include my contact info, and some sites that I really do love.

Here’s to a new adventure and a life full of possibilities.


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