Kid History

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about from the subject line, stop reading this blog and go watch all six episodes right now! (you can find them here it won’t take much longer than half an hour)

The image above belongs to, I claim no copyright to it. This is when Randy and Kyle are drinking from the gutter.

I’ve been lucky enough to know about these guys for quite some time, so when they announced that they would be hosting some premieres, I jumped right on the opportunity. For the Episode 5 premiere, Jacob and I got tickets front and center, so we had a great view the whole time.
Basically at the premiere, once they actually got started, Brett came out, squinting in the spotlight. Then, in a little kids voice he said “uh, hey guys. Welcome to the show” and then laughed like a lunatic and told all of us he was kidding. The whole audience was already laughing by that point, cause it was just awesome. The cameraman then filmed the audience shouting super delicious (to later put on the end of episode 5 when it went up on Youtube. Jacob and I are in the middle near the front, and Jacob is wearing a solid bright dark blue shirt.)

What then proceeded was not at all what I was expecting. Each episode was preceded by the brothers telling us what the actual story was. Having seen the episodes before hand, I was surprised at how close to the real story all of the episodes had been. Episode 1 had cinematic sound effects, which added to the hilarity.
After all of the episodes, including the, at the time, new Episode 5, had been shown, the cast invited all of the audience to come up to the stage to get T-shirts signed, pictures taken and meet all of the guys behind this wonderful creation. We were some of the very last people to get up there, but when we finally did Jacob and I informed them that they were the frosting to the cake, as we had gotten engaged that very morning. At first they congratulated us, and then one of them asked “Wait, really?” We told them “Yes, Really!” That got us a group hug (I still smile when I think about that moment).

Now for the last premiere, Episode 6. Sean Cockburn (pronounced co-burn, mind you) had just gotten back from his LDS mission in Kentucky not two weeks before the fact. We took him with us, which was the best thing we could have done. A couple of hours before the show, the guys held the meet, greet and t-shirt signing. There weren’t a lot of people there when we got there, so we got to talk to Randy alone for a little while. We reminded him that we were the happy couple, and that we had unsuccessfully tried to make a video invitation Kid History style to invite all of them. He brightened up almost instantaneously, and told us that sometimes the kids need prompting. We informed him of our failed attempt to do so, and he laughed. He had to leave for a group picture, but we later would find out why he was so glowy and happy.
We got in line to have the guys sign our DVD of the commentary, and to inform the rest of the gang about our intentions to invite them to our wedding reception. Sean, being the character that he is, went up to the gang and told them that he didn’t have anything for them to sign, so would they then sign his face? At first they gave him a funny look, but after a couple of seconds, they jumped right on the opportunity. Brett wrote “FAAAAKT!” on his face, Dave wrote “I hate hot dogs” right next to it, so they looked like one sentence. Randy drew on a mustache and John drew on earrings (it’s possible I’m getting these wrong and if so I apologize). Then Brett decided he needed angry eyebrows, and they took the best picture of Sean and the rest of them. (I wish I had a picture! I will make sure to put it on the Kid History page when I do have one.)
Shortly before the event started, I had to use the restroom. When I went in there, one of the main little girls from Episode 5 (the girl that says “yeyow grapes?”) was in there with her mom and grandma. She said the cutest things. “When I’m done goin’ potty, can I have my bwwankie?” and “I’m Gwen, after my cwazy gwandma.” Which was followed by Daft Punk Music. Awesome, right?
So the content of the event was similar to the last show, until right after Episode 3. There was a little ding followed by the words “and now, the makers of Kid History bring you Kid Remix #1” which then produced this insanity

Can’t say that Kid History wouldn’t be the type to pull out something like that. I am just waiting for the day when they become national celebrities (if it hasn’t happened already).

Episode 6 was by far the most ADD episode that has come out of Kid History (mostly thanks to the little kid with reddish blond curly hair with a raspy voice who is famous for “there’s only one minute left on my brain)

By this time I had drunk a lot of water, and my bladder couldn’t take much more of this. After all of the content had premiered, The gang opened it up to questions. I’m not sure if someone was planted to do this, but someone asked if Randy was available, and he just looked around with shifty eyes and avoided the question. Jacob thought about asking if they would come to our reception, but never actually got up the guts to do so. Then, when it seemed like it was over, I stepped out to use the bathroom. When I came back, Jacob, Sean and Kieran (Sean’s younger brother) told me I had missed a big thing.

I missed Randy proposing to his girlfriend in one of the cutest ways I’ve ever seen.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed/mad/shocked in my life.

Anyways, our friends kept telling us that we were likely the inspiration for Randy to share his engagement with the rest of the Kid History followers, which I have no idea if that is accurate or not.

It would follow this theory of my magical ability to inadvertently set trends. I won’t go far into an explanation, but basically I feel that when I decide to do something, a lot of people will then do that same thing. One time I was walking down a particular street and after a few minutes I looked behind me and the sidewalk was swarming with people. Granted, it was Martin Luther King Day, but hardly anyone walks down that street.

Kid History will forever be a part of my life. I can’t go by a day without quoting it somehow, and it fits so well!

2 thoughts on “Kid History

  1. Of all your writings, I like this one best because you are commenting on something iconic, or cultural and how you interact with it — Something that is happening now and is current to society. I would LOVE to see more like these. It is also upbeat and very happy.

  2. I will definitely keep that in mind when I go to events like these. The problem is, this is about all I’ve done in that regard. I am thinking about blogging about the yard sale and the house, though. Would that count?

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