Humor in Death

So in my Writing for the Mass Media class, we spent most of the day writing our own obituary. I liked mine so much that I thought I should include it here for all you wonderful readers to enjoy.
Let me know what you think about it!

“Melody Sayre Redmond Van De Graaff
March 26 1992-September 26 2068; Chicago, IL
Hometown: Cottonwood Heights, UT
Melody Van De Graaff passed away in her home on September 26th due to complications from arthritis. Professionals say this is probably a result of too much writing, working, and overall compassion for all she came into contact with.
Melody was born on March 26, 1992 to Lorne and Suzanne Redmond. Melody was born a week earlier than expected, two days before her father’s birthday. This was the first in many acts Melody performed throughout her entire life that would demonstrate her thoughtfulness to act so as to make others happy and aware of her presence. She was born with a full head of stark black hair and has never had a problem with baldness in the 76 years of her life.
After four years of claiming that she would never become a traditional Mormon girl (by her definition, married right out of high school and pumping out babies 9 months later) Melody married her eternal companion Jacob Merrill Van De Graaff at the young age of 19 on October 12, 2011 inside the Jordan River Temple. Contrary to the rest of the “Mormon girl” image, Melody didn’t have children until 27.
In the meantime, she went on to receive her Bachelors of Diversified Writing (a major she constructed on her own) May of 2014. Immediately after college, she released her first series of inspirational fiction novels which became an instant hit. Her words were so powerful that many inspirational and faith based magazines immediately approached her with the offer to write for their publication, offering ridiculous things like a house in the Bahamas, or even her very own tv show). These offers became so ridiculous that Melody had to hire a secret service of her own just to protect her and her beloved companion from all of those who wanted a share in her inspirational works.
And though she has passed on, she is survived not only by her beloved companion, 4 children, and 25 grandchildren, but also by all of her works which can be found online, or at any local bookstore.
The family is working on a spectacular funeral commemorating all of her great works, but has asked that the public not attend. They do acknowledge the support of her fans, but do not feel that their presence at such a sacred event would be appropriate. A public memorial will take place on her 55th wedding anniversary October 12th, 2068. The location will be announced at a later date.
Word of creating a documentary on her life has come from the History Channel, PBS, and the Discovery Channel. Whoever does get the rights to produce it, you can rest assured that baby videos will be included.”


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