Eternal Blessings

I want to capture the essence of this past week in a jar and hide it for times when my world falls apart. Though I have seen great beauty in my life, none of it measures up to the tremendous beauty and love enveloping me now.
No doubt that beauty stems from my marriage to Jacob for time and all eternity. The sealing ceremony and the celebrations that followed matched our hopes almost entirely: the weather was clear and warm, with just the right amount of clouds for beautiful decoration. There were even vapor trials in our wedding pictures!
That day our friends and family reminded us of the great love they had for us: so many worked together to make sure the reception looked (and tasted) beautiful. We couldn’t have done without all of you.
And so many people showed up to support and congradulate us! I can still feel their love (especially after opening the presents that have consumed my dining room).
The short time we spent out of the world also gave us another piece of beauty. We went to Lava Hot Springs, but spent little time in the actual springs. Main Street (one of two non-residential roads) lined with shops and restaurants held little pieces of people searching for something more: each of the shopkeepers made room for their families and friends behind the counters, and even had a designated hang out space. One shopkeeper even took out his twelve string guitar and played meldious and emotional chords while we looked around. Once we came up to the counter, he then spoke with us for the next half hour on the impact music can have upon us all. These people, with little else distracting them, really had a strong sense of love and community for those around them.

Now Love grows between Jacob and I as the days go on. Words could not even come close to defining our relationship before marriage. I’m not going to fool myself (or anyone else) into thinking I can capture it with words now. Normally I would try and capture it in a poem, but it’s too…sacred for that.

But the blessings; these past two days I haven’t gone a minute without seeing them. The walk between home and school is lined with trees holding every shade of red, orange and yellow imaginable. Money and food will come easily to us for at least a few months. We somehow have time to keep up with school, work and other commitments, while discovering the many faces of love . God loves us. Some of the bills are overpaid, and we don’t have to worry about them while we are here. All of the places we need access to are close enough that transportation is only a minor worry. And our family continually shows us how much they care.

The local ward is small, but full of inspired souls. Our first week, a British woman gave the lesson on testifying of Christ amidst perilous circumstances. Every minute of that lesson confirmed the truth of our lives. We are heading in the direction we long to go and God approves of our desires.

There are at least two local cats with the most beautiful fur. Twice now I have come home to their greetings. One is a calico, with gray and orange tabby spots on white, and the other is a simple gray tabby with the biggest green eyes. The calico is bold and ran after me when I would not bend over to scratch his ear. The tabby is shy, and won’t come up to me unless I hold very still and motion slowly for her to come closer.

And all of the blessings I can’t word…they are the most beautiful. I want to remember these moments, for they are proof that life is the most beautiful gift there is.

To remember the reason we all continue to love each other.

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