NaNoWriMo Day 1

As I opened up the writing I had already done for Aberon, I was surprised to find that I had already written 15 pages worth of material. YES!
And a lot of it was still quite powerful. I don’t think it works where I had originally placed it, but I am definitely going to hold onto what’s there.
Today, I rewrote the last line of the prologue, and then went straight into the birth of the main character’s younger brother. My favorite paragraph from today comes from the first time Eli (the main character) goes up to his brother Harling and just talks to him.
Some of the images that came to mind as I was writing this made me cry. Let me know if it does the same to you.

His black, wide eyes focused on me then. Though he could not yet speak, I knew he understood every word. I told him of the red haze, and how sometimes it would come down so thick as to cancel all doings outside for the day. People would be stuck in their homes, offices even school. Being that I was just beginning my studies, I had only ever been at home when this happened. Mother was there, and she told me beautiful stories, mostly of what life was like before she met Father. How the place she lived was one of the few with green, not choked off by the red haze.

Mother’s beauty exceeds any other. You’ll like her. She won’t leave your side. She loves you, you know. Loves you more even than Father. I don’t understand why she’s so devoted to you: she’s too worried too try and explain. Father seems to get it, though.
Don’t leave her, okay? She won’t make it without you.


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