Ideas and Update

For all of you readers out there, I must inform you that my NaNoWriMo attempt did not go very well. School has simply taken over my life and I have had to put the project on hold.

However I plan on returning to the project as soon as school allows me to.

This post is mainly to inform you that I have had a great idea pop into my head. I have shared this idea with some people, and they seem to be confused as to what I am actually proposing. So here it is.

I want to start up a small writing group. I would provide writing prompts, ideas, council and edits. It would be much like any given Creative Writing class you would find at a college, except it would be targeted towards the writers in the group instead of being focused around simply poetry or non-fiction writing. What we focus on would completely depend on those in class.

This class would meet hopefully once a week, depending on scheduling restraints. I will however ask a nominal fee per class attended, as I will be putting as much, if not more, effort into the class as any college teacher would. I am giving you my time and attention. Though part of me feels it is not appropriate to ask for compensation, I do not know if I can attend to this class as much as necessary without it. Jacob and I will be needing more income fairly soon, and this seems like a great way to go about getting it.

I will also, outside of the class, offer my editing skills. I will offer to edit academic work if you so choose, but mostly my focus will be on editing creative writing work. If you do not attend the class, I will ask a small fee for this as well. But if you are in the class, the editing will be included.

I am really excited about this you guys! Please let me know your thoughts on this, as I am getting astoundingly good vibes from the thought of this.

If you are interested, please contact me at msr0326 at


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