End of Third Semester

This semester marks my third ever semester completed. Nearly half way finished.
The end of this semester especially feels of a great relief. The great burden I have carried thus far is no longer on my shoulders, and I am free to relax, to breathe again.

I’ll start with the big stuff. Best step of my life: I married my eternal companion for time and all eternity this past semester. And while it may have been incredibly difficult to do so in the middle of the semester, I am so glad that I married him when I did.
I could not have survived this semester without Jacob right by my side. During this semester I have faced some of the biggest challenges, mostly because of my academic workload.

Another big change is my major. I was thinking about pursuing an English/Creative Writing Degree with a Communication minor, but now I’ve flipped that around a bit. Now I am a Communication major, with emphasis in Professional Writing and I’m taking some Creative Writing classes. I know that whole bit about writers needing to read and stuff, but I don’t need a major just to read. With the Honors program, I’ve got so much work I’d be swamped. That’s not okay by me (something I discovered this semester. )
I want to work on a magazine or in a publishing house, and majoring in Communication is the best way to do that.

Now other changes…lets see. I went to some awesome poetry readings, and basically found my motto:
“words are our weakest hold on the world”
And this is why I am going into writing. So that I can make my weakness grow, be strong and great. If my weakest hold on the world is not actually that weak, then imagine what I can contribute to this world.

I met some amazing people. Some people who showed me what I was capable of as far as writing and counseling others in writing.
I discovered what I truly love doing; teaching people how to write better. My absolute dream job is teaching a writing class or two while I write about the world of Aberon. And I am going to chase after this dream. I want it and it is so plausible! Everyone I have shown little bits of Aberon too tell me how exciting the story is.
Also, newsflash for you readers out there, I am going to begin full speed ahead working on Aberon. I am taking this break for all it is worth and using this time to my advantage in working on this. Right now, I am just sketching out the events. Then I am doing a major edit of the piece.

That’s another thing I learned this year: my best writing comes out in my edits of my own writing, rarely when I am writing from my head to the page.
I’ve also gained quite a few techniques that help with generating ideas, or taking away writers block.
I’ve also learned that this lifestyle may not have any room for children. I thought that I could write and raise children at the same time, but I fear that I would not have time for both, as much as they need, at least.

Life is fragile. That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned here.

And here is what’s heading my way.
Next Semester sounds amazing. Human Culture and Behavior, Arts in Performance, Professional Writing and Principles of Layout and Design. It’s not going to be so writing intensive either (at least, not all of them will be)

Jacob and I are moving into our first ever apartment next month. We won’t have any furniture at first, but it will be a fun adventure. We’ll be completely on our own.

I am aiming to have Aberon at a place where I can publish it sometime next summer. That might be a bit grandiose of me, but I really need to get this out to the world. Book 1 that is.
This break Jacob and I are going to try renovating the blog to match more of what I want to put out there. Hopefully it will become a more visual, enticing place. I’ll aim to post about something everyday, and pump out a serious writing piece once a week. But if I hit once a week, that will satisfy me.
And yes, I am still dead serious about that writing class. It’s what I want to do with my life, so I’ll be darned if I’m not going to try.
When I become a big shot, I’ll remember my small beginnings here, at createamelody.

See you all soon.

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