Ready, Go!

For a women, getting married usually means changing your legal last name to match your husband’s. The time constraints of school and adjustment have not allowed me to do so until now.
Yesterday I spent an hour waiting in line to get my name changed in the social security database. The actual process took a grand total of two minutes.
The reason it took so long is that many other people who were there were applying for social security benefits or citizenship. The office maintained a clean and respectable appearance, people behaved themselves. The front wall even hosted two televisions with information for those of us waiting. Two security guards sat by the entrance, mainly staring blankly at their computer screens when someone wasn’t demanding their attention. Relatively boring.

This process got me thinking, how many other necessary evils must we go through on a frequent basis?
Here’s what I came up with.

-Going to the DMV to renew or take out our driver’s license. The first time I went, I didn’t emerge out of there with my license for five hours. What kind of process takes five hours to complete? The amount of people there for the time they were taking didn’t match up. Of course, because of this, I have a wonderfully happy picture on my driver’s license (ha!)

-Registering, for anything really. But for clarity’s sake, we’ll say registering for classes. Granted, I have it pretty easy at Westminster. The software we use is very straightforward and clear about how to register. You can usually figure it out faster than the counselors can. The only downside is that I have to log in exactly at 7:30 a.m. to make sure the classes I need don’t fill up. Because of the small size of our classes, some classes fill up almost immediately. I know for my husband, it’s almost impossible to figure out how to register and what exactly you need for your chosen major. He has to turn to a counselor there, who hopefully knows what they are doing.

-And lastly, here’s the worst one: applying for a job. We all have to go through it, at one time or another. Unfortunately, I have gone through it frequently, especially recently. These days any job one could conceivably get requires a completely open schedule, or if it’s something you actually want (e.g. a career position) you need three years of experience in something you’ve never heard of.

Interestingly enough, going to the dentist is not on my list here. I don’t mind it all that much. Feel free to add your own, I want to know what you all hate doing, but what you know you must.

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