Books and the Library

I absolutely love going to the library. Especially the one we have here downtown.

I haven’t figured out the call number system (I swear every library has a different one), but the atmosphere here gets me every time.

Very few places can attract such a variety of people as the downtown library does. Hipsters, punk, artist, crafters, older folk, veterans, moms, I’ve seen all of them at one time or another.

And best of all the library has books. I know this may seem pretty self evident, but books give me a unique high.

Reading helps me absorb information. If I want to learn the best way to go about something, I will read up on it. I am so enthusiastic about books that I will often pick up more books than I have time to read.

Do any of you fall victim to the book appeal? You pick up twenty books and then life gets a hold, you barely have time to get through one before you have to return them? I will admit to doing this. (I’ll also admit that I’m horrible at returning books before they are overdue.)

Right now, I’m on a writing kick. I have about four or five books that I hope will help me in improving my skill. The two I am most excited about are “Writing Fiction” by Janet Burroway and “Writing Dialogue” by Tom Chiarella.

The latter one I picked up because I feel my dialogue skills are atrocious. Most of what I want to work on involves dialogue. One of the interesting things it suggests is just listening to people talk. This might seem self evident, but it really helps. When I did, I discovered that most of us talk in fragments. We usually don’t finish our sentences. But in writing, we always make sure to finish our sentences. Big difference.

The former one I am most looking forward to reading. Not only will it greatly improve my writing skills, but it will help me in the writing class I am hoping to get started next semester. Even after reading the chapter headings, I am sure it is one of the greatest finds I could stumble onto.

My favorites are “Chapter 3 SEEING IS BELIEVING: Showing and Telling”
and “Chapter 7 CALL ME ISHMAEL: Point of View Part 1”

What about you guys? What pulls you to or away from the library?


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