In the Shadows

Confession Time.

Simple social interactions pose difficulties for me. I freeze up in them.

This semester I’ve been so stressed out that it was easier for me to retreat than expend the energy to interact.

But today I am tossing that behavior aside. With will power, getting over things like this is as simple as saying out loud “I am not going to be this way anymore. I am better than this” and then acting to reflect that behavior.

Truly I feel that I need people. True and raw interactions make me feel alive, they give me this high that’s so beautiful and natural I just want to stay in that moment forever.

So now I pledge to interact instead of react. I will say hello to people who pass, I will initiate conversations and pull out the bubbly side of me. Truly that feels more “me” than anything else I can remember.

On a similar note, I have made a goal for the content of my blog. I have decided on a schedule in which to follow.
Mondays will denote events that have happened in my life that I really want to share with all of you.
Tuesdays I will post my favorite dish of the week, the recipe and a picture of that meal.
Wednesdays will have a confession of some sort.
Thursdays will offer advice for life in general.
And Fridays will be show and tell (I’m looking forward to this one!)

If something big happens, I will post about it as well as whatever the day requires. But for now, you can look forward to these events.

This also means that we will be renovating the blog a little more. Yet to come we have blog roll pictures and a sidebar that says what you can expect from each day and a short bio on yours truly.

For now, I will shine brighter than before, and share my light with the world.


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