The New Year approaches. Time for setting goals in reading that book you’ve always put away, or losing those haunting twenty pounds.

Want to know the secret behind healthy living? I’ll tell you for free and even give it to you for free. You can find it in any store, or even in any home.

Are you ready for this?

That’s right: water.

Drinking plenty of water ( the professionals say 64 oz a day, but personally I think that’s the minimum) holds a slew of benefits for your body. It flushes out the toxins that processed foods pump in your body, works as great appetite control, and helps keep you hydrated. Sure it may add a few pounds, but studies have shown that healthy people that are a bit overweight live longer than normal weight people who aren’t fit.

Take it from personal experience. The two best ways for you to get healthy are to drink water and to find an exercise regimen that works for you.

One of my favorite things that water helps with is appetite control. If you’re feeling hungry, but afraid that eating then will put on a few pounds, drink a few cups of water. This is also a great way to see if you are really hungry. Drink one or two full cups of water, then wait twenty minutes. If you are still hungry after doing so, then it turns out you really were hungry! But if not, then you’ve saved a few hundred calories.

Best thing about water? It’s totally free. Free of calories, sugar, preservatives. And it costs relatively little to get (especially compared to food).

The only downside to this is that your bladder will work overtime. But honestly, that price is worth saving in money, in years on your life, and in weight.


3 thoughts on “Hydration

  1. “It flushes out the toxins that processed foods pump in your body, works as great appetite control, and helps keep you hydrated.”

    Water is truly incredible in what it can accomplish, but we too, need to lessen the burden of what water must do. Instead of relying on water to flush out those toxins, avoid those toxins altogether and rely on water for hydration purposes and cleaning the body of its natural wastes.

    Nice Post.

  2. This is so true. This should definitely be one of my new years resolutions..to drink more water!!! AND find a better exercise regimen. I love yoga, but I don’t do it enough!

    By the way, thanks so much for your comments. We love hearing from you! :)

    love, Lulu
    (Notes She Wrote)

    • Lulu,
      Another tip I’ve heard helps with exercise is having someone to do it with you, having someone to report to. That way you have another sense of responsibility motivating you to move forward.

      And yet another thing that helps is setting small goals to work towards a bigger goal. Want to run a marathon? Don’t just go in blind, set weekly smaller goals to get to the time you want to make at the marathon and so on.

      And thanks for posting such amazing material! I love seeing your updates and reading about your family. It feels just like a fairy tale.

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