Change in the Shape of a Bruise

Jacob and I are in the process of moving. We have the whole month of January in which to do it, so no rush.
But on Wednesday we moved a lot of the big furniture into our new place. Right now, his grandmother is serving her mission in the Philippines and needs someone to watch over her house. All of the furnishings remain, so we have little need of furniture as of yet.
Two days ago we were moving our Queen sized, saggy mattress from his parents garage to our apartment. The mattress had accumulated some hairs and dirt from staying in the garage for so long that I felt we should beat it. We tried standing it up in the truck bed, but the mattress sagged so badly that it just fell from the truck bed to the ground.

My hero side came out right then, and in a valiant (but failed) attempt to save it, I received one of the nastiest battle scars I can remember.

“It’s only a flesh wound.”

I can’t wait until Jacob and I have a place that we can settle into. I’ve moved four times in the past year and a half, and honestly I’m a little sick of it.
But life changes, and this marks one of those times.
Readers, I want to know your battlescar stories. Include them in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

P.S., did I mention the apartment is tiny? I’ll show you all next week.


One thought on “Change in the Shape of a Bruise

  1. My most recent flesh would was slamming my head agains the window frame in the atrtic of the new house as I was getting out onto the ladder. I was lucky to be wearing a hat, or it would have opened a big gash. As it is, I have an abrasion, and a sore noggin’ !
    Your bruise looks nasty. I hope it’s healing by now.

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