New Years Eve

The Eve of 2012: filled with friends, laughs, and Heroscape.

My husband is a big time gamer. Big Time. He could fill a closet with how many board/card games he has, and every week I swear he finds at least two new online games to try out (usually more).

So for New Year’s Eve, we hosted a Heroscape Tournament. If you want to know what Heroscape is, follow this link.

We expected a much bigger turnout, but only about 7 of 12 people showed up.
Imagine my surprise when I trounced all of them. And there was money in this! I came away with 13 dollars.

Most of us didn’t care about ringing in the New Year. We were just happy to have good company.
And that is how holidays should be celebrated.
How was your New Year?


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