What does baking a turkey and writing a book have in common?

They both require a great amount of work, and feature in today’s post.

Most people cook a whole Turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I cooked one for New Year’s Eve. We had seven people over for eight hours, and my parents had given us a 25 lb turkey on Thanksgiving.

That much turkey  would have gone bad between just the two of us (we barely managed to eat half of it between seven people) so I saved it until more people were around.

I had never cooked a turkey before, so I went to the internet for help. Few recipes exist that use turkey as an ingredient (I have about a dozen cookbooks and a few folders of recipes. I still haven’t come across one that calls for turkey.) So I wasn’t expecting to find much. After a bit of searching, I found a good guide on how to cook it, and ideas on how to make it better.

Want to know the trick behind a good, moist turkey?

Chicken Broth.

It seems illegal or something, mixing two types of poultry together (who ever heard of a turducken being good for you?)

But the cooking of the broth creates a sauna effect in the roaster dome and really makes the turkey moist.

Another thing that helps is letting the turkey rest. This simply means that it is tired from those hours of sitting in the 350 degree oven and needs a time out.

This lets the juices resettle and redistribute for an amazing taste.

Seriously, I got so many comments on how good the turkey was, and that not many people could manage that. Especially on their first time.

Now I call that a job well done.

On to the second point: writing.

I once heard that the most successful writers are not always the best ones, just the ones that keep at it.

You ever wonder how people can manage to write a novel?

They have so much love and desire for what they are doing, that they stick to it.

Even when writing is worse than going to the dentist. Even when the writing isn’t very good, they push it out anyways.

In my experiences with writing, I have found that a lot of my best work comes through editing what I have already written.

Which requires me to push through a lot of bad writing.

But I know that what I am writing will someday affect the world.

So I stick to it. Even when I would rather watch the X-files, or sleep.

Another piece of advice? If there is an area you suffer in, research it. There are so many books on writing that you need a focus to really get anywhere with them.

Sometime this weekend, I’m going to pick up one and look for help with my bad areas.

I’ll let you know what I find.

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