Interests and Career Paths

This week marks the beginning of my fourth semester at Westminster College.

It also marks the first semester that doesn’t look like it will completely overwhelm me.

Last semester I switched my major focus from English Literature and Creative Writing to Communication with Creative Writing electives.

In my first three semesters, I was incredibly overwhelmed with balancing school work, a job and my personal life. Last semester still remains the worst of them all: A Creative Writing Non-Fiction Class, a Honors intensive Philosophy of Science class involving a lot of paper writing, Writing for the Mass Media and Literary Research and Criticism. The last one was the first real English Literature class that I took.

Not very long passed before I realized that a lot of what I did in the class repeated what I did in my previous Humanities Honors Seminars.

And after reviewing the course classes, very few of them actually had to do with writing (which was why I picked the English Program in the first place).

And this leads up to today’s advice:

Talk to people who do what you are interested in. They have incredible insights and often have access to information you cannot find elsewhere.

Somehow, after working on the Ellipsis Literary Magazine, I decided that I wanted to work at either a Publishing House or a magazine, something that would help me practice both my editing and writing skills. Another recent development has been my wanting to start up a writing class to help people improve their writing. Right now I am running a trial with a friend of mine, and I will use that to see what works, what doesn’t, or if it truly is worth pursuing.

But the reason I switched from English to Communication relies solely upon research and talking to the right people.

I talked to some people who worked in the field, in both fields, and got the facts. People with degrees in Communication have job experience. And a Communication degree can lead just about anywhere.

And after going to the first week of all of my classes, I know I made the right choice.


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