Oh the crazies on the bus

Yesterday I got on the bus towards the Salt Lake City Temple. A few stops in, this gentleman came on board.

We shall call him Captain Britain.

The reason? Everything he owned bore the insignia of the British Flag. Seriously, he even had a cape made of the flag.

He also had a red coat like outfit, a red beret with a feather in it, and a london bag. Inside the bag, I saw him bring out a Beatles album, claiming that told his life story. And a planner with the UK flag.

He also insisted we call him Mr. President and as President, he didn’t give a —-.

I tried not to pay too much attention, as anyone that so much as looked at him received a lengthy rant about the politics in Britain compared to the politics here, and just what exactly our country was doing wrong.

All in all, a great way to start the day.

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