A word of advice: pursue what you love.

Whatever that entails, make sure you involve that in your life somehow.

Happiness works great against stress, which comes from your average workday.

By all means, pursue the degree, the job that gets the bills paid, that brings home the pounds of bacon, but also make sure that doesn’t prevent you from finding time to do what you love.

You don’t have to starve for what you love. You live for what you love.


Finding time for little bits of happiness makes the difference between this


And this


(Mostly the baby. I love the baby’s face in this picture.)

Current example: I feel most alive when I write with an audience in mind. When I write for the purpose of creating something to help someone in whatever way, I love it.

I want to find a career in it, but I am also making sure I have options. That way I can have a job and write at the same time.

But seriously, happiness helps. With depression, with stress, with hard times. And in doing what you love…there is no better way to find that happiness.

Happy Thursday!


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