Due to unforeseen circumstances, the past two posts did not get written.

Also, because my life is changing drastically, I need to cut down on blogging time.

Now, I will post three days a week. Monday for updates on my life and sharing time, Wednesday for confession, and Friday for advice.

I will also post extra material when I come up with an awesome idea.

Today, instead of going on about how horrible my week has been, I feel strongly the need to offer some advice.

Advice: Don’t sell yourself short on account of someone else.

In my 19 years of life, I have learned that no one can please everyone in their life.

In fact, even when you try to get by without upsetting anyone, you will almost always step on someone’s toes.

Trying to impress others will suppress who you truly are.

Cheesy example. In the live action Smurfs movie, The main character has an opportunity to advance up in his career. His boss wants him to design an advertisement for their company, but won’t give him specifics. She only tells him to give her what she wants, and not to disappoint, or he will be fired like the other heads of advertising who had only a week at their job.

The Smurfs help him come up with an advertisement that truly comes from his heart, but when he doubts himself he comes up with something else and sends that instead.

Through some happenstance, one of the Smurfs sends the advertisement that came from this man’s heart.

When his boss sees the advertisement, she is at first upset. But she has no time and has to take it to the new unveiling. She finds out that this advertisement has attracted everyone’s attention, and they are now interested in the product.

While the story reeks of cheesiness, it gets the moral across. Often people will be more satisfied with the real you than the “you” you think they want you to be.

And if not, just know that there are so many people on the planet, not all of them can possibly agree on the same thing.


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