Confession: I have been bullied since elementary school.

I guess I have a nice personality. Too nice. I don’t like imposing on people, and simple things often feel imposing.

This hasn’t really been a problem in college, up until now.

In high school, the bullies often hosted loud mouths and stubborn opinions. They often weren’t too educated, and didn’t care to learn the difference.

My beliefs didn’t really match up with those around me. Usually I kept quiet about how I felt, as I had learned that people would disagree with them if given the chance.

But then I went to college, where everyone had a different opinion about any topic under the sun. Going to school at a liberal arts college really gives people the opportunity to accept you for who you really are, and not care if you are different or don’t agree.

Yet there are some who are still set in their beliefs. The elitist attitude runs strong in many of the people I go to school with, and that is a definite downside to all of this.

I do have one very big piece of advice in all of this, though. Do not let someone bully you into making a huge life decision.

Picking majors counts as one of those decisions. One of my professors tried to convince me that any other Humanity degree was better than Communication, and when I told them that the program worked best for what I wanted to go into, they told me that they were afraid I might regret it later.

Lucky for me, I had a lot of other people I could talk to that had my best interest in mind, not theirs.

But, I feel this is a problem that pervades others like me. They don’t want to impose or intrude, so they will do whatever the “bully” asks of them, even if that is the worst decision they could make. I narrowly avoided that, but if I didn’t have some guts in me, I might have caved in.

Do any of you have advice of how to grow some guts? This is a problem I need to address, but I don’t know how to go about it.


One thought on “Bullies

  1. Sometimes during our journey we realize that we discover what we already have. Face and confront your fears and they get better. Easy to say, hard to do.

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