Where has the Weekend Gone?

On Friday, Jacob’s Grandma, Pat Walker, returned home from her mission in the Philippines. Since then, Jacob and I have spent time trying to help her adjust back to her life back here.

Saturday, we spent about two hours telling her how we met and what led up to our marriage. Afterwards, Grandma Pat told us that we needed to write that story down, so we could pass it down to further generations. After some consideration, I think I will write it, the whole story. That in it of itself could be an entire book.

Funny though, Jacob and I both do not remember her being as small as she is now. We joke that the smallness of the people she was working with rubbed off on her.

Honestly, I am glad to have her back. Already, she’s offered a few viewpoints that have helped me understand Jacob’s family better, and realize a few truths that have been just beyond my reach.

But this week, I plan on posting regularly.
Later today, I will post up some advice.

But for now, let your Monday shine bright!


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