So you know that post I wrote about fashion, and how I felt that my wardrobe didn’t reflect me?
Well, check out the threads I am rockin’ today.

It seems a little masculine, but I feel really comfortable in this. One day, when I feel I have the time, I’m going to venture out with someone and just try on every style imaginable, take some pictures of what I like (and maybe even the ones I don’t just to make fun of them).
And then, when all is said and done, I will post the best of right here!

Life is…a bit hectic lately. Jacob’s work is cutting his hours, and I’m a bit hard pressed to find work. I don’t know what the deal is, but people in my area just aren’t looking for a babysitter.
School has also kicked up big time, with two papers and two projects due this week. That’s why I unfortunately had to skip Friday (and a surprise babysitting call gave me no time to get online).
Jacob and I still aren’t quite moved in. Most of our stuff is in our apartment, but we have yet to figure out exactly where these last few boxes can fit.

I’ve got a few more ideas I want to talk about today, but I’m going to keep things simple and put them in a different post.

Hope you haven’t caught the sick bug that’s passing around!


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