Confession: I have never liked cleaning.

(Above photo belongs to Stephen Depolo and is used under the Creative Commons License.)

However, at the same time, I do not like living in a mess.
So you see my problem.

I would love having the ability to hire a maid. Sadly, I don’t think that will happen for quite some time.

Most of the time, I only clean when I get so fed up with how my environment looks that the urge to have a clean space overpowers my dislike of cleaning.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or maybe you dislike something else. Cooking, washing the tub, just household chores in general. Send them my way!

3 thoughts on “Cleanliness

  1. It helps having a routine, if possible. Break things up into certain days so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. That’s what has helped me. Sadly, it’s inevitable that the space you live in is going to get dirty. Having a clean/ organized space especially at home helps reduce stress and promote a positive environment. I hate having dirty dishes in my sink, but I hate doing dishes at the same time. Every night before i go to bed I make myself do dishes and wipe down all the counters. It really helps, especially when I wake up. It helps build a sense of pride in ownership, too. It is hard, but it’s all about habit and discipline. Having someone to help do a few chores around the house also eases the burden (i.e., my husband will usually take care of all the laundry and trash). :)

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