Friday is generally advice day. Lately I’ve been bad at updating on time for Friday, and I apologize.

However, this time I need to share something phenomenal with you.

It is called Brotherhood 2.0 and you must partake of it’s awesome.

Some of you may know John Green. He is a fantastic author of about 5 books. I have read An Abundance of Katherines and have just now started Looking for Alaska.

But watching these two brothers talk to each other like this…makes me want to reach out and do something similarly awesome to the world.

One moment that will stick to me forever, the video is dated March 26th (my birthday, oddly enough) but I think it actually happened on March 27th. John is in the hospital for orbital cellulitis (a nasty infection of the eye tissue). He tells the camera how much he’s thanked people at the hospital and mentions that he’s grateful for the yeti’s (his wife) willingness to stay at the hospital for 12 hours with him. After he says that, he looks at her and gives her this look of pure love. Well, why don’t you just go and watch it.

Ever since that moment, this man has won a soft, revered place in my heart. One of my top life goals now is to just sit down with this awesome man and just talk about things like that, our writing strengths, just anything.

I cried when I told Jacob about this. Seriously, that wonderful.
Please go watch and read everything by the Green Brothers. They truly have helped decrease the suck in at least my world significantly.

I hope one day I can call myself as awesome of a nerdfighter as these two are.

Excuse the lack of sophisticated words to describe this moment here. I believe I have encountered one of those things that words fall short of.

If you take the time to go check out some of their work, you’ll see what I mean.


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