Energy in Motion

My usual Monday post is absent in lieu of my birthday. I pretty much took a break from everything to spend the day with my husband.

Life is picking up again. I am going to school full time and beginning to work four “jobs” (I put them in quotation marks because two of them are more like long term freelance opportunities).

Now, I know that sounds like way too much to take on, but when you view them in their entirety, the workload feels much more manageable. One of my jobs is tutoring no more than four hours a week. My main one mostly involves working as a supervisor for non-custodial parents visiting their children, but this is usually just all day Saturday and an hour here and there during the week.

The two new additions are the ones I am most excited about. A couple of weeks ago, I got hired on as the education writer for the South Salt Lake Valley Journal. Tomorrow I’m going in to propose my first stories and start the work for real. With this job, I have to write three or four stories per month concerning education in South Salt Lake. I get to interview teachers and students involved in awesome programs, then learn what ways are best to portray them. Also, I am assigned a mentor that will help me through this process, so if I mess up, she’ll be there to help me fix it.

And finally, the last opportunity. I get to work long distance as a line editor! Basically, the managing editor sends me manuscripts so that I can overlook them from minor errors, such as misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors. And to think this time last year I was scrounging for work!

Seriously, I am quite thrilled with the direction my life is heading. April is going to be a difficult month; my last final is on April 25th. But afterwards, I am going to move on to bigger and better things.

Stay tuned for your regular Wednesday update.


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