Emotion Junkie, take 2

This past semester deserves a review. Me at the beginning of the semester and me now are two different people.

Each class changed me in fundamental ways. I will start with the smallest change first.

Principles of Layout and Design: I discovered that being a graphic designer and being an artist were not the same. In fact, I actually enjoyed facets of graphic design that I never thought I would like. I probably won’t go into graphic design for a career, but there are ways to use graphic design in the field I am pursuing. Mostly in this class, I learned information design, which is a crucial skill in my field. This ties nicely into my next class.

Professional Writing: My writing skills improved drastically in this class. Mostly, I learned tips that help me improve my craft. When writing for an audience, write for lower literacy users. Oddly enough, this brings in more higher literacy users as well. Most of what I learned at my few English classes at Westminster proved (with real facts) inaccurate. I know better how to get attention with my writing and that I actually write well.

This may surprise you, but I have a hard time seeing the worth of my talents. I question my ability or if anyone will even want to read what I have written. Updating this blog and seeing the quality of writing produced by others has taught me that I can write well.

On to the less academic lessons. My two Honors classes helped me change my world view, if only a little. Human Culture and Behavior showed me that we are all human with very different viewpoints on life. (The class never actually covered material on this topic, but rather helped me come to my own conclusions.)

And finally, my Arts in Performance class. This class was hard. In the Honors Program, Arts in Performance is considered one of the easiest of the core classes. My experience felt nothing like what I had been told.

However, I came out of that class with a new passion: modern dance. Dancing holds so many benefits for me, how can I keep away? First, dancing is a form of exercise and second a form of emotional expression. These two things rest as very important pursuits in my life. Killing two birds with one stone in my busy schedule then becomes an amazing way to reduce stress.

I also learned something that no class could teach me.
My actions cannot please everyone.

People are so vastly different that there is absolutely no way to please every type of person.

Now, this may seem obvious. Who would try to please everyone?
Many people do. Cliques in high school revolve around this idea, popularity. Pleasing everyone will make everyone like you, giving you a greater chance at doing well in life.

This semester I realized that I needed to find out what was important to me and stick with it. No matter what action I did, no matter what “group” I belonged to, someone else would think me an idiot, a slob, not good enough.

Do their opinions really matter? Only if I let them.

I have decided what remains important to my life: the pursuit of emotion. I pursue emotional expression through my writing, and now I begin to pursue it through dancing.

And if you find a problem with me, fine. Someone’s got to, and it’s not going to be me.

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