Timelords of Conduit

Conduit 2012: Timelords of Conduit: Best con I’ve ever attended.

Dave Strider and Jane Crocker at Conduit.

I spent most of CONduit going to panels targeted at Science Fiction and Fantasy writers/readers. These panels helped me rediscover my biggest passions in life: other worlds and writing. Other worlds include anything from aliens to the psychic reaches of our minds and writing…well that one should be pretty explanatory.

One of my favorite events was Paul Genesse’s release party for The Secret Empire. Paul is a friend of the family and works with my mother-in-law at the big IHC hospital in Murray. He’s also a fantastic writer who knows how to torture his characters without making it feel like overkill.

Anyhow, I think that was the first book release party I’ve ever attended. After we had all settled down, Mungo the Giant and No Tusks the Orc fought to the death, with the audience split into their respective tribes.

And the last of the events I participated in include three writing contests, all of which I placed at least second place in, one in first. Most of these contests were themed and the participants only had a day to submit their entries.

Events aside, CONduit helped me in more ways than I realized at the time. Going for the weekend reminded me of many of my loves: world and character building, the idea of the unknown, immersing yourself into a different world, dressing up like someone else and writing.

Going to CONduit reminded me that I have interests that I LOVE. This may seem silly, but I had forgotten about them for a while. Seeing so many other people with similar, yet different, interests from mine also reminded me that there will be others that share interests with me. Instead of trying to match the interests of those around me, I will be better suited to pursuing my interests and reaching out to those nearby there.

This may seem straightforward for all of you, but it’s actually something I’ve struggled with for quite some time. Until very recently (within the past year, and even now, Id say) I’ve had a very hard time in making friends. I never felt like I connected with anyone, but I tried being their friend anyways, even when they shared no interests with me. This did not work.

Now I am pursuing my own interests and taking care of my own needs. The people I meet are amazing, and I really feel that I am just at the beginning of my great and wondrous journey.

Won’t you please join me?


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