Vegetarianism? Not Quite.

Before you get any ideas, I am not and will never be a vegetarian. My other dietary restrictions prevent me from abstaining from meat, as it gives me the nutrients I need that would otherwise come from food that I can’t eat.

That being said, I don’t think I could be a straight up vegetarian. I just like the taste of meat too much. However, there is an argument I agree with that is similar to the argument for vegetarianism.

This is one of the best arguments for not eating meat I think I’ve ever seen. Eating a lot of meat uses water and resources that we just don’t have.

In the video, Hank talks about the cost of eating meat in money and resources. I think he said something like one pound of meat uses 1500 gallons of water overall, and that 80% of our soy and 70% of our corn goes to feeding our meat.

Hank also says that he doesn’t agree with PETA. They’ve only gotten 5% of the people to abstain from eating meat completely, while 95% of the people eat the same amount of meat as they did before. This doesn’t actually help.

What Hank suggested, and what I completely agree with, is for about 80% of people to eat 20% less meat. This is not that hard of a task and is actually quite feasible.

I will do my part to use less. Please consider doing the same.

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