Autobiography or memoir?

Creative Non-Fiction revolves a lot around someone talking about their life in one way or another. Yet there are two essential ways in which this can be done: autobiography or memoir.

Basically the main difference is creative license. With an autobiography, you are obligated to use a more formalized tone to tell the truth of what happened, almost like an official journal.

But with a memoir, you can be much more flexible. There are a lot of literary phrases and techniques used to dress up the writing. You can even throw in things that didn’t happen, as long as they aren’t far from the truth.

Recently, I read part of Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’. The first half is just a collection of memoirs when put together tell how King became a successful writer. In reading that, I thought how a lot of people don’t think their life is all that interesting, when in fact it truly is fascinating to almost everyone else.

So in an effort to one transcribe the events of my life and two entertain you readers with those events, I am hereby going to write a memoir on the many jobs I have held. Come back later today, and I should have it up.

EDIT: The memoir is taking longer than I hoped. I will have part 1 up by Monday, as I’d rather deliver quality work than quantity of work.


2 thoughts on “Autobiography or memoir?

  1. I had never thought of a memoir vs autobiography this way. I like memoirs for the same reason I liked Stephen King’s On Writing. It’s why I like reading creative fiction in literary journals.

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