A lifework’s biography part 3

Jacob and I married October 12, 2011 on a beautiful autumn day. I won’t kid you by saying that we lived happily ever after with no problems: things were rough almost immediately, but we knew we loved each other, and we knew we could get through just about anything together. We would stick together through everything, especially the toughest parts. However, the tutoring job wasn’t regular, and Jacob still worked at the hardware store. If it hadn’t have been for grandma letting us live at her house, I don’t think we would have made it. There were some breaks here and there; I helped Jacob’s family get rid of a lot of stuff at a yard sale. I did some odd jobs here and there, mostly babysitting and housecleaning. Somehow a greater force watched out for us to make sure that our ends met, if only just barely.

I still struggled with health problems. I got a bladder infection so bad that Jacob and I first mistook it for a miscarriage. That came by twice and we were both in school. But living together was actually a source of peace, we didn’t ever have to leave to go home.

Finally in February, after months of making ends meet and stressing about the future, things started to pick up. I decided that I would make some business cards and try to get some work that way. The same grandma who let us live in her house helped me get a job at a child visitation service. I would act as a supervisor and take notes on what the parent and child did together.

I tried so hard to like this job. Jacob and I needed the money as we had just moved into our own apartment and had to keep up with rent. Jacob was working, going through an internship and going to school all at once. He had so much on his plate, I couldn’t ask him to do more.

But the more I worked there, the more uncomfortable I felt. Frequently the parents other supervisors would watch would yell or cause that the visit end early. I very nearly missed an encounter with the police at the office.

Then March came and I started two more jobs. Through the miracle of Facebook and old friends, I started working with the local newspaper and wrote a few articles per month. I also started working as a line editor for an e-publishing company, something I’ve been dreaming of since sophomore year of high school. March and April were nuts, I was juggling four jobs (albeit very part-time) and trying to finish finals.

Jacob and I were trying to balance work at home with our finals and other work. I remember sitting on this very couch, an ugly floral with a brown cover on a linoleum floor, working from noon to 11 pm straight. That day, I had four articles due and the major projects I was still trying to keep up with. Every few hours I would start crying, as Jacob and I couldn’t see an end to the work.

Then, the child protective services job and I had a series of miscommunications. My manager was never in the office and she always left me a message explaining when I would be working. She never answered her phone so the only way I could contact her was through leaving notes. I did this twice and was let go because she was bad at scheduling and didn’t know how she was going to fit all the visits in that weekend.  At first, I was shocked: a big source of income had just been pulled away from me. I didn’t want to quit, but I didn’t know how I was going to keep up with everything, so eventually the lack of responsibility became a relief.

Jacob didn’t end up getting a job from his internship, but he is now working as tech support for Unisys/American Red Cross. We are going to be moving to a bigger place in a little less than two weeks and I have just been hired on as a marketing intern for Entranced Publishing .

When I graduate with my Bachelors in Communication from Westminster College, I plan on working as a Marketing Director and releasing one or two books of my own per year. This summer, I am working to increase my written inventory and will look for an agent at the end of the summer. I also plan on releasing some short stories while I work on my book for release.

This is my dream career and has been for at least the past five years. I am so close to reaching it.

However, I have given up security to find this happiness. Many times, I have not known if I would be able to eat, or if I would have a home of my own. I would never have been able to do this without Jacob and the support of those I love.

I want to share my worlds with this world, and soon I will be able to do so.

I’ll keep you posted.



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