The Power of Dreams

My dream last night reminded me of a powerful concept brought up by the vlogbrothers. In my dream, I was walking a couple of boys home in Indianapolis. As I walked them down a fairly empty plaza, I saw a man walking his two year old son to an elevator. One of the boys rushed over to the little boy, so I followed.

To my surprise, the man was John Green and the boy his son, Henry. Mr. Green seemed to be in a very big hurry, but the elevator was taking a long time. Because of my nerdfighterness, I could not pass up the opportunity to talk to John Green. I told him that it was nice to meet him in person, and I don’t recall who said it, but someone said that you aren’t supposed to talk to strangers. Mr. Green acted very much like he didn’t want to talk to me, but that didn’t stop me from talking to him (now that I think of it, he seemed very different than he is in the videos.)

To that I responded that you can know someone without ever actually meeting them, and that because he had put so much of himself into his books and videos, many of the nerdfighters know him well but not vice versa.

“So to me, you are no stranger. But to you, I am a stranger.”

I started crying as I sad that to him.
He just went on the elevator without saying another world (I seriously doubt this is how he is in person.)

This concept is the reverse of Paper Towns but I feel is equally valid. We put ourselves into everything we do, but Youtubers and writers especially. Hank and John put censorship aside and were themselves on camera at the start of Brotherhood 2.0. Everyone that began following them loved that honesty, that feeling like they knew Hank and John. The nerdfighters are people who feel that Hank and John trust them enough to give a little portion of themselves to all nerdfighters.

The nerdfighters are people who genuinely want to know and trust other made of awesome people and that is why this community is so powerful.

So Hank and John Green, I hope you know that thousands, if not millions of people know you (at the very least, as much as you can truly know someone both with or without meeting them). We love you and thank you for risking yourselves enough to share this with us.

I want to do this in my life. I want to write and create worlds so that I can gift a piece of myself to those who need it, to those who want to know someone that way. I craft my writing so carefully because I want to make sure that my readers truly know how much this sharing means to me.

I have wanted to give this gift for twelve years. If I can find even a portion of the success that Hank and John Green have in giving a piece of themselves, then I will consider my work successful.

Thank you for being so made of awesome. I hope you accept this small gift of myself here and that you will continue to accept my future gifts. Truly this is the meaning of my life, to give and know that my gift is treasured by at least one other soul.


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