Last night I had a dream that I met John Green and told him about the other dream I had about him. Jacob calls it John-ception.

However, I have had four dreams about John Green in the past month. And with the dream I had last night, I am now convinced more than ever that I need to get this message to John Green.

In last nights dream, I was attending what could have been Vid-Con (I don’t know exactly what it was, it just looked like some sort of huge con).

I went to one of the panels and sat down, only to find Hank and John Green sitting right next to me. I started talking to them as if we had known each other. John was panicking and having a hard time socializing, and Hank was trying so hard not to make fun of him. Hank switched placed and started talking to me about The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, and then the panel started.

After the panel, I stuck around to talk to Hank and John Green. Once all of the people were out of the room, John looked much more at home and apologized for his behavior. I told him that I understood, as I don’t do well with large crowds either.

I then proceeded to tell him about this dream, specifically the concept that you can know a person without having met them. And that a big part of being a nerdfighter was being able to know someone without “knowing” them first, and that we all knew the vlogbrothers. At this he started crying and hugged me. Hank looked a little lost off in the corner, so I motioned for him to join the hug as well.

I don’t remember anymore than that, but I interpret this dream in a few different ways.

The first is an indication that both Hank and John Green need to know about this concept. I have tried to get it through to them, but this dream is telling me that I need to try again.

The second is John’s crying indicates that once I told him that concept, he understood. He may have even known who I was at that moment even though he had no previous experience with me.

And the last is that it may have prompted his next book.
I don’t know which of these are most applicable, but I do know that this concept is a lot more important than I first thought.
Nerdfighters and fellow people, I want to know your thoughts on this idea of knowing someone without actually “knowing” them. And if you have any advice on how to get a hold of Hank or John Green, please leave that in the comments too.


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