A Matter of Respect

Watching vlogbrothers helps me put my thoughts on life in a clear and easy to understand manner.

In John’s video from two (three?) years ago called “Fame: The Road Trip”

(which you can find here)

John talks about the desire to be famous and why so many people have that desire when it often leads to things like throwing up on national television or having almost everyone deem you a freak.

His reasons named were that people want to “live forever”, get rich without working hard, and that we are genetically coded to seek and yearn for respect. Not only do we seek respect but we want to be respected by the people that we in turn respect.

At the end of his video, he asks the nerdfighter community who they want respect from. I think this is an interesting question, but I would like to take it a step further: why do we seek respect from some people and not from others? What is it that makes us respect a person?

To me, I seek respect from people I aspire to be like. I long to find myself among people who aren’t afraid of standing out from the crowd to be their true self. The people I want to respect me are the people who “get it”, who are capable of grasping odd concepts and even holding close to them. And they are the people who are willing to change their opinions and views, even their position in life instead of being “right”.

I want to be like these people and I admire them for being themselves in a world that cries for the public to be what they tell it to be.

Respect from anyone else is nice, but I truly treasure respect from those eclectic souls that can see the purple of the galaxy behind the sun. I crave oddness.

Some of us have difficulty distinguishing respect from validation. And when respect runs low, sometimes we turn to drastic measures just to be validated, to feel loved and appreciated. I admit, I have done things to fit in, but I am not proud of them.

So please, tell me who you respect and why you want their respect. In answering this, I hope the reasons for your actions become a little clearer and that your life may bare itself before you. Maybe then you can start chasing after your true self.

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