The New Batman

Last Thursday, I saw The Dark Knight Rises with my brother-in law.

Though I do have to admit, my fascination with a certain actor got me hooked on the series in the first place, let me tell you why I enjoy Nolan’s Batman so much.
When I went to see the Avengers a few months ago, I got creamed for saying that I didn’t really like super heroes. The reason being that most superhero stories focus on the use of the superpower and not the human element. There are some exceptions, but not many that I have noticed.

Nolan’s Batman explores the depths of human emotion. I read somewhere that each movie has one word or phrase that explains the theme of the movie. Batman Begins explores fear, The Dark Knight explores chaos and The Dark Knight Rises explores picking ourselves back up.

Batman is considered a villain by most of Gotham, not a superhero. The series as a whole are not about Batman’s powers (he uses martial arts and fancy gadgets to fight, no actual superpowers.) Instead they are about his strengths, both as Bruce Wayne and as Batman and his struggle to be human, to redeem himself in a world that seeks to bring him down.

Nolan’s Batman pays special attention to the scope of human emotion, not just what he does with his powers.

To me, superhero stories focused around superpowers aren’t as great as showing how susceptible the masked crusader, or any hero, is to emotion, just like the rest of us.

And come on, how many superhero movies have villains as hauntingly beautiful as Bane?

Just one.


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