Genial Dreams

My subconscious knows what will help me get through my life better than I ever will.

I lead a lifestyle that causes a lot of stress. I wouldn’t say I’m a high strung person, but as far as amount of things I am involved in, I’m not the most low-key person either.

So earlier this week, my subconscious gave me one of the calmest dreams I can remember having.

Now, before I describe this dream to you, I have to share a little piece of my personality with you.

I have been obsessed with Irish Actor Cillian Murphy since 2005 when I saw him in Red Eye. I researched him extensively last week and that obsession turned into admiration. I have never seen an actor stay so true to their values while at the same time having a huge skill set. Murphy portrays roles in theater such as the traditional Shakespeare roles, but has also appeared in major Hollywood Blockbusters. Even within one film, he plays two characters that are vastly different from each other.

“Favorite Actor” does not even begin to describe my admiration for this man. And the way that he sticks to his values while still doing what he loves impresses me. I hope I can do what I do as well as he does while still staying true to who I am.

But on to my dream. A few days ago, I experienced a traumatic day complete with a major breakdown. That night my brain decided to give me this dream.

I don’t recall if it started in Cottonwood Elementary, where I went for grades 2-6, but it started in an elementary school. My ten year old self sat in class and we had a special visitor. Cillian Murphy came to our class and talked about what he did as an actor and why he loved what he did. After he spoke, a lot of people in the school had to move. But they were worried about Murphy’s safety, so they assigned me to escort him to another room and keep him safe while they moved the students.

Something happened that I don’t remember. But then the dream shifted ten years into the future. I went to see Murphy perform in one of his plays (I really wish I could have seen Misterman. That sounds like some of his best work and I’m sad that I wasn’t able to fly out to London or New York to see it. If I would have known about it before it closed, I might have found a way.)

But he couldn’t perform because he had experienced some sort of meltdown. One of his agents remembered that I had helped him when he came to my elementary school, so they told me to find him and bring him back.

I spent a lot of the dream gathering clues for his whereabouts and following up on them. I remember I was in the old Smith’s near my parents house and I found a woman from our ward who told me exactly where I could find him.

I ended up in a garden that functioned like a rehabilitation center. The warden told me that Murphy needed to leave, but he couldn’t take himself home. I went up to Murphy and asked him if he remembered me. He said no, but that didn’t seem to bother me. I also remember that he acted a little off, like he couldn’t remember how he had gotten to the garden or why he was there.

He asked if I could drive him back to New York, and of course I agreed. And then he gave me one of the most comforting hugs I can remember.

That was it. The dream might seem a little weird to you, but to me the idea that I could be the type of person to help someone I admire comforts me more than traditional comfort. However, I don’t think I would have thought of the same thing consciously.

This is why I trust my subconscious. It knows exactly what it is doing. I’m not going to question that.

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