Fall Semester 2012

I apologize to all of my readers. I haven’t been updating regularly for this past semester. But now that the break is here, I can get back to regular musings. Did you miss me?


Let me tell you why I had to neglect my blog for this past semester. I hope that my time at Westminster will never get more difficult than this semester, because I think I’m still trying to recover from it.

I had a lot of commitments. Not only did I take five classes spread over 16 credits, but I also worked two jobs, an internship and helped start the Westminster Slam team. Whew!

And the classes! Let me tell you about the classes.

Technical Writing:

We spent most of this class working on a computer manual for the elderly. The first month and a half we worked on lessons and usability tests for our material. The manual took a lot longer than all of us anticipated; quite a few of the class members had a lot of other obligations and dropped the ball here. That made it so that we had to do most of our work at the last minute. We also worked on writing a grant in a team and wrote an article for a technical writers magazine.

The Forum:

The Forum is Westminster’s student newspaper. We had to write a story every other week and cover almost all of the beats, from Student Government to Athletics. We turned in two drafts and pictures to go with our story. This felt a lot like the work I did for the South Salt Lake Valley journal, although it felt a bit more intense because of the process we had to go through. We never had a break in this class. Once we turned in one story, we had to start on the next one right away.

Public Relations:

This class killed me. Not only did we read the book, take quizzes and discuss what public relations is, we also had around six writing assignments and a semester long project. The project felt more like a second internship because of the intensity of the work. Basically we helped a non-profit client re-brand themselves and prepare them for growth. Plus, this professor is the harshest professor I have ever had. She graded our assignments not by what they did well, but by what they didn’t do. She graded them in such a way so that the class would revise and revise and revise. I think the message she was trying to teach us is a message worth learning, but at times the grading felt manipulative and more than a little frustrating. Especially when that same graded applied to our final project. But, I learned a lot from this class and might actually take the follow up class if it is ever offered.


Ah Spanish, how I loved you. My professor actually taught in such a way that I felt like I was learning the language, (Hablo pocco espanol). By far my easiest and most appreciated class.


I interned with Entranced Publishing this semester as their marketing intern. I learned (and still learn) a lot about how to work with authors and what it’s like to keep up with a company’s social media profiles. Early next year I will take over as publicity director. Honestly, this is the best thing that could happen to me. Five years ago, this was my dream job and I’m doing it before I graduate college! This is exactly where I want to be after I graduate and I hope it works out.

My writing definitely improved over the semester. Over the break, I’m looking to work on some projects of my own and also do some more work with Entranced and Westminster Slam team. I’ve got a lot on my plate, but now I have the time to do it! Next semester looks like a piece of cake compared to this one, but I have a lot of extra curricular things I’m going to work on.

If you have anything you’d like me to write about, leave it in the comments. But for now, good night!



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