A corner of SLC, UT

I live next to a neat pocket of culture in Salt Lake City: 9th and 9th. Unlike strip malls, retailers in 9th and 9th are located in individual houses and buildings. Whenever people ask me where I live, I tell them I live in the 9th and 9th neighborhood.

Along with a corner grocery store, 9th and 9th hosts a variety of shops as well as some street art. I’ve listed the highlights below.

1. The Tower Theatre

IMG_3474The most known part of 9th and 9th, The Tower Theatre is one of two theaters of the Salt Lake Film Society. It shows lesser know films such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Along with regular showtimes, The Tower hosts a classic movie collection available for check out. The SLFS also hosts events such as the Ivory Tower Film Series and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

2. Great Harvest

IMG_3501Most people that live in the valley know about Great Harvest. However, this location makes the bread in plain sight. The employees seem happy and bring a good atmosphere to the store.

Along with the best bread I’ve ever tasted, Great Harvest offers lunch options from sandwiches to paninis. And the best part? You get a free slice with every purchase.

3. “The Vug” or 9th and 9th Jewelers


Located next to The Tower Theater, 9th and 9th jewelers carries rocks and gems from Utah. Much of their selection is made by local artists, so they have new product every day. They pride themselves in creating custom, quality work for any occasion. They also have great desert landscaping in the front of their store, creating more of a local Utah feel.

4.  The Children’s Hour


I used to think that this boutique was just for children, but no. They also carry women’s clothing. I love walking by this store. The windows boast little paper cutouts of children holding hands and through it you can see the cutest and comfiest looking clothes. I will have to stop in some time!

5. Pago


Pago offers artisan, farm fresh food. Just from looking at the diners on the patio, I have wanted to dine here. However, they require reservations and therefore seem a bit more on the expensive side.

For those of you that have a bit of money in your pocket and enjoy local, fresh food, Pago is your place. They have class and serve their meals with style.


If you want to see more of the stores available, check out their website or spend a day in the neighborhood. You can always visit me afterwards and tell me about your day.

Last but not least, the street art and personality of 9th and 9th speaks volumes. I’ll let it speak for itself.










While I have lived in this neighborhood for 6 months, I have not visited all of the niche shops. Each time I visit a new shop, I will share my thoughts of the place.

How about you readers? Are there places nearby where you live that hold little pockets of culture?



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