Not just a New Years’ resolution

Around the end of the semester, I took some time to seriously evaluate my lifestyle. I wish that I had posted this earlier, because now these might come off as New Years’ resolution. But let me assure you that they aren’t.

I have experienced a lot of stress from my lifestyle this past semester. I spent anywhere from 40-60 hours out of the house working and doing school work. I didn’t have time to make my own food or clean the house and I felt like I couldn’t let anyone down. I didn’t have time to exercise or take care of myself at all. I have some health issues that get worse with stress (and have gotten worse over the break).

After some evaluation, I have decided that I need to make these changes to my life. I am doing this in order to enjoy the life I have. Think of it as preventative medicine.


1. Refrain from taking on too many commitments:
This is the source of my problem. I have a hard time feeling like I’ve let people down and when I can’t come through for them, I feel like I let them down. This often leads to me taking on more commitments than I can handle. I’m taking a lighter course load and turning down opportunities (even though I want to do a lot more than I am doing).

2. Make more food at home:
I ate out a lot this past semester. I started to feel sick and gained about 15 pounds. A lot of studies prove that homemade food is a lot better for you than other food. I would rather spend time in the kitchen than time at the doctors. Plus, cooking is a relaxing activity for me and helps me destress (as odd as that may sound).

3. Exercise between 30 minutes to 1 hour per day
Many doctors have told me that my health complications will decrease or even go away with exercise. And I feel better every time I do it. I don’t think I need to argue this point much more. However, I invested in a treadmill desk which makes it more than easy to walk while I work.

4. Spend more time with my friends
I don’t know why, but spending time with people helps me destress. I work a lot on the computer and anything that takes me away from that helps me destress. And I feel that my purpose in life is to help people, so I have to spend time with them.

I am determined to stick with these things. Jacob will help me stay motivated.

What about you readers? What are some changes you are determined to make and stick with?


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