Discovering new fashions

For the longest time, I thought that women’s clothing stores were out to get me. Stores either had clothes for small or large women, nothing for women in between. Once I adopted that mindset, I never went shopping outside of the D.I. (as the older fashions still fit my size and style preference.)

But the other day I went to Old Navy and tried on a lot of clothes, and what I found surprised me. I hate low rise jeans and they are abundant in most fashions, but I found other clothes that fit my style and size.

What? A normal store that carries my size? No way!

I found some fashions that are new to me, but that look adorable. The first thing I found was this tunic dress.

tunic dress

(Myssa trolls in all of these pictures. Don’t mind her.)

This is not something I would normally pick out for myself. I don’t know how to describe my style, but I feel most comfortable in t-shirts, jeans and hoodies, sundresses and button up shirts. I tend to shy away from showing skin, as it makes me uncomfortable.

I think if I had leggings, I could feel comfortable with this look. Especially with the waistband, it highlight exactly the right parts and hides the ones I don’t like as much.

polka dots

I love this combination (even though I hate the pants. They are skinny jean low riders and I have to peel them off like another layer of skin.)

But the colors here, the black and off white polka dots paired with red pants, I want to combine these colors in another way.


I might be too attached to bright colors. I think this has been a problem for a while, but it’s in style now!

I actually ended up buying this blazer and this shirt (I’m wearing them as I write this post.) I love the mint green color, but again the way the pants fit just bothers me (the way I like my pants just isn’t in style and I have a hard time having more than one or two pairs of pants that actually fit).

Although I don’t want to go out and spend thousands of dollars, I now feel that I have options. That mindset that no one makes clothes that fit me is starting to fall away. I just have to look a little harder than everyone else.

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