Martin Luther King Jr., Day

I like to take holidays to contemplate their purpose. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day means to devote a day to the life of the man who fought for human rights for minorities.

I think this is still an issue today. Most of our big political issues deal with rights: gun control, gay marriage, degrees of representation, discrimination and many others.

Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the rights of minorities, but honestly he fought to teach us that they are human too. Human rights does not (or at least should not) exclude any group. Every one who is considered a Homo Sapien is also human.

Although there are certain behaviors that I don’t agree with, I believe that everyone should have the right to choose how to act. They also have to deal with the consequences of each choice, but they should have the right to make that choice. In my religion, agency is a gift from God and one of our duties is to respect the choices of others. I take this duty very seriously and while I may not condone what you do, I will fight for your right to do it.

I believe this is the point of Martin Luther King Jr., Day is. All of us are human. All of us deserve to be treated as human. You can disagree with what other people do and while it may bother me I recognize that we are all different and we all have different viewpoints. However, we all deserve the right to have and act upon those differences as we see fit, not as others see fit. Often, when someone tries to deny someone else rights, they don’t see the entire picture.

I believe that we should all have equal rights: all genders (even those not on the binary gender system), all races, all sexualities, all beliefs. We all deserve the same rights and when anyone tries to say that others, for whatever reason, don’t deserve those rights I will fight back. I do not believe in discrimination; I think it’s dehumanizing and wrong.

You might fight me on this. In fact, I expect horrible comments and fights as to why I am wrong or how horrible I am or how the devil will see me in hell. But I will not budge. We are all people. We all deserve the same rights. And that is what I think Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life to teach us.

Today, I want to respect that. I hope you do, too.

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