Summer plans

Because of my tendency to do more than I’m able, I’m purposefully trying to keep my load this summer light. But here’s what I have in mind:

-I’m not taking May Term classes (for those of you that aren’t familiar, May Term is a semester just for the month of may where students meet for about six hours per week for a two credit class. Students that are enrolled full-time get two credits free per semester they are enrolled. So most students get 4 credtis.) I need to take a break from school to steady myself and get my life in order.

-I am however taking summer online courses. These courses are relatively low stress and align with my interests. I’m taking a 12 week poetry course from Megan Falley (with my slam team partner Courtney Hammond). I am so excited for this course because it means that I can focus on my poetry and make my skills even better. I also plan to be more involved in the poetry community and go to open mics.

I am also taking other online courses. One is an intro to psychology class and the other two are exercise and nutrition classes. I think that these classes align with my desire to get my life in order and figure out how to better steady myself for senior year.

-I’d like to get back to novel writing. I don’t know if I will continue to write the novel I’ve been working on. I don’t think that I am at the level of writing that the story needs from me. I do have another idea for a novel that I might pursue. At the very least, I will write short stories.

-I’m planning on taking a few trips. My husband’s grandpa lives on a farm in Wisconsin and my father-in-law is planning to visit. I’m going to try to go with him for a week in June. The first week of August I will also be in Anaheim with my friend Melissa for Vid-Con! That means we get to meet some of our favorite youtubers! I’m excited.

-Other than that, I’m getting serious about my body. I am working on an exercise routine and researching what is best for my personal nutrition. I would also like to take yoga classes and learn meditation techniques, so that when things do get a bit crazy, I’ll have a way to cope with it.

While this may sound like a lot, I plan to take it one step at a time. Most of it is me steering my energy towards things that I think will best help me in the long run, instead of stressful things like work and school.

How about you? What are your plans for this summer?


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