Self Truth

I read a brilliant article the other day and even if you don’t agree with the premise it was written under, it brings up some great truths that we would all do good to adopt.

If you want to read the original article, you can read it here:

Here are some of the ideas he brings up to find self-truth and inner happiness that I struggle with. I’d like to try to adopt some of these things in my own life and maybe I can get closer to my own self truth.

Don’t go looking for yourself. Just listen. 
I haven’t actually thought of it in these terms before. A lot of people will tell you to find yourself and be true to that (I’ve actually said similar things on my own blog). But the concept that your true self is within you and that you just have to listen to it makes a lot more sense to me. In the information age, it’s really easy to let all of the voices and information cloud out who we are. I know that in my quest to be healthier, a lot of things have crowded out what I really need to do. There are so many conflicting sources telling us what to do with our life, how to live it best and what ways will work. The thing is, not one thing will work for everyone so we have to figure out what works best for us. I’m going to learn to listen better.
Life is too short to live it as someone else. 
Period. No excuses. Don’t get mad at yourself for not being as good at something as someone else is. The thing that most people (including myself) don’t see is that we are better at something than that one person is. Someone I respect and revere told me that they had a hard time talking to me because I had accomplished so much with my life and they felt below me. That shocked me that someone else could think of me that way because I don’t think I’m all that. But don’t let the success of other people make you think you need to change yourself. You just need to listen to who you are and let that shine.
Not everyone will understand. They don’t have to! 
Most of the time people don’t understand when things are not put in a way that makes sense to them. To some people, if you just explain what you are doing in a way they can access, then they will accept what you want to do with your life. And then, if they don’t accept that, then they might not be worth trying to please.
Knowing your truth and owning your truth = powerful stuff. 
I truly believe it is the different between happy and successful people (not necessarily in a monetary way) and people who can never be good enough, people who are depressed all the time. I want to live my life more like this, and I hope this reaches out to you, too.

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