I don’t understand when people say they have nothing to do. I feel like I’m never out of things to do.

I guess it doesn’t help that I love so many things. I have a lot in my personal life that I’m trying to accomplish: I’m finishing my last year of college, run a personal blog as well as a video game blog (which requires playing hours to have something to review). I also have a healthy relationship, take time to work out and prepare healthy food. I’m also working to start writing novels, as well as keep writing short stories and poetry. I work part-time and keep in touch with people that I care about. I also want to travel around the world and meet all kinds of people.

But on top of that, I love a lot of stories. To write well, I have to read well and a lot. Let me just give you a glimpse of how many fandoms I’m a part of.

First, I love going to cons and cosplaying. I haven’t done anything super crazy yet, but I’m inspired by a lot of people that look something like this:


I also like watching anime. I’m not as invested as a lot of other people I’ve met at cons, but I do enjoy Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket, Pretear and a few others.

And video games! Man, if I listed all of the video games I’ve played, you’d get bored and want to leave. But some of my favorite games include Luigi’s Mansion, Earthbound, Paper Mario, and interactive fiction.

As far as books go, I love YA, mystery, science fiction, fantasy and biography (almost anything but Romance and Westerns). Some of my favorite books include The Fault In Our Stars, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Room and You. Seriously, I have a huge list of things to look into for later.

This is why I can’t understand why people are bored and have nothing to do. I just love so much and want to do so much.

What do you love? What’s on your list?

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