Some days  I feel like I’m allergic to everything. My body just doesn’t know how to deal with good and constantly rejects it. More often than not, I’m bloated, lethargic with a stomach ache or a headache. I constantly feel ill or like something just doesn’t want me to be alive. I don’t feel like a healthy person and I don’t want to live this way anymore.

I refuse to be ruled by my allergies. Yesterday, I started something called the Allergy Exclusion diet. For four days, I go on a modified fast to clear my body of potential allergens, and then over a month I slowly reintroduce foods and record my reactions to the foods that I eat. When I have a reaction to a food, I remove it from my diet for a while and then eventually try to bring it back in depending on the severity of my reaction. I will likely never eat nuts again, as I’ve been deathly allergic to them for 16 years.


But boy, this diet is uncomfortable. I know I’m in the detoxing part of it so it won’t always feel horrible. But right now, it’s hard. I don’t feel well and I want to just sleep and not do anything, really. But I can’t let it happen. I don’t think this month is going to be easy, but I’m sure it’s going to be worth it.

After this diet, there’s no going back. I need to eat for my health, I need to eat well and healthy. That means no more refined or processed foods.

I guess the reason I’m writing about this is because I need support. I know I have a few readers out there that are invested in health or in me. I need a support system. I have a few people who believe in me, but everyone I can get is that much more help. And if you’re working towards a health goal, we can work together. I will be your health buddy and we will get each other through this.

And if you have experience with allergies, please get in touch with me. Please.


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