In Which The Universe Has My Back

You may have noticed, but I’m going through a rough patch.

I recently had a bad fallout with someone I had been friends with for over 10 years. I feel like I’ve accepted what has happened and I’m not beating myself up over it. However, this person said some incredibly spiteful things that still hurt me. Actually, for the last two years of our relationship, their actions and behaviors hurt me as well. While the pain doesn’t look like it’s going to go anywhere soon, I know I did the right thing.

The universe has a way of consoling me when I go through difficult things. I get a few health and wellness emails to my inbox every once in a while, and this is a paragraph from one of the articles.

“No matter how pure or poisonous someone’s opinion is, it doesn’t matter because it’s YOUR life. No one can understand what goes on behind closed doors or inside your heart, for that matter.”

This reminds me of something I said recently. “No one else has to live with you but you.”

I think that if we knew everything people went through, we’d be much less critical of our actions. This friend told me that my problems were pitiful and that if I had real problems, like the things they were going through, I wouldn’t last a day. I have a hard time believing that. I think that each of us should treat everyone like they are going through the hardest thing imaginable. We each have our own strengths and our own weaknesses. Someone else’s trials may look like nothing. We may think that they have it easy but they likely struggle with something that’s second nature to us.

We all have different specialties. This problem is like work skills. A student who is just learning photoshop and watching a graphic designer work may think this person has no problems, as the very thing the student struggles with is something the designer has a lot of experience with. But, what the student may not see is that the designer finds basic writing skills impossible. Just because we don’t see the problem doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Some people are just better at hiding them or their problems just aren’t as visible. Don’t treat them like their life is perfect. Because no one has ever had a perfect life. Ever.


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