In Which I Like Too Many Things

I know I did it as a child, but now I am shocked whenever someone says that they don’t have anything to do. I’m more sympathetic when people say they don’t want to do anything, because I feel that on a semi regular basis. But not having anything to do? I pity these people. It means they have not experienced live and don’t know how to live.

Personally, I like and want to do too many things. I mean, set aside all of the shows and movies I want to watch, books I want to read, places I want to travel to, people I want to meet and I still consider myself largely invested in three broad categories: Gaming, Writing and Health.

Sometimes people in  games also like writing, sometimes people in writing also like health. I have not yet met anyone who is interested in health that is also interested in games. In fact, quite a few of them believe that the two cannot overlap.


I seem to have gotten myself in a pickle then, haven’t I?

In fact, many people who are into gaming don’t comprehend why I don’t eat all of the chips, pizza and soda that frequently shows up at gaming events. I feel looked down upon and segregated at times.

This also frustrates me that guys like girls who are pretty and have some knowledge of games. Often though, these girls aren’t “gamers” (what I mean by this is that they don’t invest a good chunk of their time in gaming, but rather they are just aware of some games. When possible, I spend about 10 hours a week gaming. And I can think of maybe one person who has befriended me because of my love of games. This whole “girl gamers are cool” thing frustrates me to no end. I’ve been playing games since I was four and it often resulted in people unfriending me because they thought I was weird and a nerd. This is all sorts of unfair and I am quite full of rage.)

Rant aside, my life is difficult because my main interests conflict rather regularly. Specifically gaming and health interests. It’s hard to be active and stay up on the recent video game trends and keep up with everything else in my life. Yet, I can’t give anything up. I love them all too much to give any one thing up. I guess, in this instance, balance is everything.

But next time you think you have nothing to do, look closely. What is it that you are really interested in? Have you just not had the time to pursue the things you love and you know not what to do with your free time? Or do you really not know how much the internet or the world has to offer? If you are ever bored, you can come to me. I know of things you might like. You just have to try.

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