In Which I Have So Much

I go out of my way to thank my god every night for everything that I have. Because honestly, I have so much.

I know it’s Thanksgiving and a lot of people are “being thankful” right now, but this isn’t something I do for the month of November. It’s something I do my best to do every day. Even that might not be enough.

I’ve seen others who focus on what they don’t have and to be honest, I fall victim to that quite a lot. I focus on what I’m not accomplishing, or the fact that I don’t have good grades, that my body is bigger than average and the list could go on. But, that’s no way to live. When we focus on what we don’t have, we are miserable. We feel as though we deserve more, as though we are being shorted. But we don’t remember all of the good things that we have.

If you are reading this, you have access to a computer. You have electricity, you have a roof over your heads. You probably don’t starve. You have people who love you and who care about you. That is so much.

I have even more. I have a best friend and companion I can be with forever. I know where I’m going in my life. I’m starting to feel closer to my family than I have in quite some time. A good number of people I know look up to me. I’m one semester away from getting my college degree. I live comfortably, I have enough means to eat reasonably well. I have a working body that is relatively healthy ( I know I have my challenges, but they are much better than they could be). I have a future, I have a past, I have a present.

But most of all, I have the ability to love and be loved. And I think that is the greatest thing anyone could ask for.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. May you be well.


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