In Which I Go Into More Detail About What I Learned

Like I said before, this semester may hold the record for the amount of change within the short period of time. So much so that I feel the need to elaborate. In this post, I will focus on health.

Near the beginning of the semester, I started something called the Allergy Elimination diet because I was having some distressing digestive symptoms. I found that wheat, seeds and sweet potatoes all bothered me so I cut them out. And that helped, for about a month. And then my symptoms came back triple fold. They got so bad that I often had to stay home from everything. I even had to go to the hospital for the pain.

Finally, three weeks ago, I went in to see a gastrointenologist and she recommended I use stress management techniques and try another even more restrictive diet. After a few tests, she suspected I had something called Irritable Bowel Syndrome which isn’t serious, but it’s rather a pain and has no cure. The new diet was supposed to help manage the symptoms.

But, something I would find out later, you can be as good as possible on the diet, but if you still have major sources of stress, the symptoms will be just as bad. Guess how stressful this new diet was? Suddenly, I couldn’t eat anything. My appetite sharply decreased and food became a terrible thing for me. It replaced school in what was stressing me out.



Right now, I am going to focus on my stress levels before I focus on my diet. I already have a pretty good diet that I seem to have figured out and know how to use it. As long as I eat well and manage my stress, I think that should at the very least help with the symptoms. Because funny thing is, in trying to implement the diet, any time I couldn’t find something to eat I would stress about being able to follow it, and even that set me off. I would be sick, I would throw up (even when I had found something “kosher”) and be just as miserable, if not more so than before. All of my symptoms were stress triggered.

See this is somewhat difficult because this society lives on stress. You work unimaginable hours to get ahead, you make a name for yourself and by golly you work yourself to the bone. But what kind of life is that, especially if in doing so we greatly damage our bodies?

My plan for stress management is as follows: implement a yoga and meditation practice, get regular massages, exercise regularly, focus on being healthy rather than being thin, take on less responsibility at a time, do the things that make me happy.

Notice that none of that has anything to do with food. Because diets are so stressful, I am just going to respect what my body has already told me it can and can’t handle, and from there eat a variety of food. It may take me some time to relearn how to appreciate food, but once I can get there, I believe that the stress surrouding eating and my ability to do so will decrease.

I can think of at least two major topics that I haven’t touched on yet concerning what I learned this semester and what changed within me. There is still yet to say.

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