In Which I Notice That Sometimes, Life is Quiet

This is my last week of break. Come next week, I’ll be starting my last semester of college and wrap up a big chapter in my life. Sometime this week, I will also begin investing in my writing career in earnest by looking for magazines to submit to and try to get my name out there.

But right now, on possibly one of the noisiest days of the year, all is quiet. All is well.

I have to say, I’m not used to it.

I’m used to always having something to do, having something to occupy my time and keep my life nosy. But during this break, things have wound down and I’ve just taken a step back and gone “wait a minute, slow down.” And life is beautiful and wonderful and terrible and horrifying. There is so much I’ve missed just going a million miles an hour. I wonder, how was I ever okay with skipping over all of this?

I tend to feel deeply and broadly. I can sense when people are sad and trying to hide it. Sometimes I do something about it, sometimes I just inwardly reach out to them. Sometimes I just pray that they’ll get what they need.

And it’s funny, the world hasn’t really changed all that much. The things that were happening before are still happening, people still go to work and do people things in their life. But I feel different.

I am different.

I don’t panic nearly so much, I worry less, I see more, I feel more, and I move slowly. I let myself be okay with where I am now and don’t worry so much about where I need to be or what I ought to be doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been busy over the past couple of weeks. But I haven’t stressed. And that is truly a blessing.

Readers, don’t let the past rule you, but don’t forget this moment. Don’t forget the beauty of life around you, and don’t let yourself get so occupied with getting where you need to be that you don’t remember where you are now. You might miss the greatest thing in your life.

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