In Which I Do Not Want To Return To School

Next Monday, I’ll start my final semester of college. I only have two more required classes to graduate and the other four credits are rather relaxing. But I’m burnt out. I’ve just started getting my life in order and now I’ve got to go back to something that’s caused me a lot of stress and heartache. Yes, I know in the long run that getting a degree will not only enrich my life, but that it will get me far. However, at the moment I just see it at a source of stress. 

Some days, it’s hard to keep going, to refuse to give up. Some days, it feels impossible to get out of bed and want to do all the grunt work. Getting your name out there is a must for being successful, but keeping up with social media can seem so pointless, especially when it doesn’t seem to be doing anything helpful. 

But what good is giving up? What good is not trying and never knowing if you could have made it work? I could never live with myself, so I keep on. Some days, I can only get out of my bed, but I make sure to do at least that. And the next day, I try it again. Because doing anything less makes my life lose meaning. And I won’t settle for anything less than my best. You shouldn’t either.



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