We All Need to Rest

For the last few years, most of the time when I ask how someone is doing, if they don’t answer with the typical, brainless “Good, how are you?” They’ll tell me they are tired.

In fact, I cannot think of anyone I know right now that isn’t tired. How is it that we’ve become a nation of tired people?

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We’re always focused on going, doing, being, outshining everyone around us. As we get older, we focus more on the “go, go, go” and don’t think about our need for rest. We only think about being the best.

Most machines last longer than we do. When put at full speed, or perhaps even over maximum capacity, machines get overheated, they break and wear down. And we all accept that many machines are capable of doing much more than we are. So why is it that as a culture we’ve come to accept that we NEED to be doing something all the time? I challenge that thought and I say that we will be more productive and better off when we take time to rest, when we work in the downtime, even schedule it like a meeting. If the thought of resting makes you feel overloaded, try one of these simple steps to work it in. Trust me, I can say from experience that you’ll feel better after doing this.

1. Meditate for a few minutes each day

This doesn’t have to be for long or even very complicated. For a few minutes each day, shut out everything, your phone, your computer, the people around you, your work. Everything. Then, just close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Notice how your body feels when you breathe in and again when you breathe out. What does your body do? If you want something more involved, then there are many resources that can help you out. A simple google search will turn up more than you can possibly look into at once.

2. Sleep according to your body’s natural cycles

A full sleep cycle is 90 min, so to maximize your sleep, you’ll want to wake up as you hit the end of one. If you can’t get the recommended 8-9 hours, then sleep for 6 or 7.5. You’ll feel great and have more energy than if you just slept for a long time.

3. Do something you love

We all have something that gets us going, even if it’s a small thing, make time to do it. You’ll feel energized and ready to take on what’s next. But only you can tell what this is and how it will help you.

If you’ve got more ways to rest, please let me know! I’d love to see what makes you feel your best.

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